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Siyanda Wellness offers a variety of quality work-site wellness services and programs for schools, community organizations, and businesses. We consult with organizations to create wellness initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles for employers, employees, and even students.  

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Wellness Retreats

Renew the body, mind and soul at Siyanda Wellness Retreats! 

school &
wellness programs

We offer customized Wellness solutions for organizations looking to improve burnout and stress. 

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Private theraputic yoga sessions

Looking for a more private theraputic yoga experience, with an instructor that will customize a yoga program just for your needs?

Holistic Heatlh Coaching

Check out our dynamic team of transformational coaches who specialize in stress and anxiety management, trauma, habit change, and much more!  

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Private Theraputic Yoga Sessions

Awaken the body, find freedom of the mind and rejuvenate the soul in your private yoga sessions with Certified Yoga Instructor Sheona. Private yoga sessions are suitable for all levels and specially tailored to meet your needs. We will discuss your goals and needs and create a yoga plan just for you.

There are many benefits to taking private yoga sessions:

*1 on 1 specialized attention

*In-person or virtual

* Personalized yoga plan that fits your needs

* Lower stress, anxiety

*Fight depression

*Calm the mind

*Gain flexibility/strength

* Self-awareness/ Mindfulness

Private Yoga Sesson

Take your self-care journey to the next level at our wellness retreats! These retreats are designed to help individuals integrate rest and restorative practices into their daily lives, to rejuvenate the body,  restore the mind, and renew the soul.  

Life can become so busy and challenging at times that we miss those small subtle hints of discomfort, trauma, or uneasy feelings our bodies give us to warn us that we need to slow down, take some time to reflect, and check-in with our well-being. Siyanda Wellness retreats will help you to slow down and find your zen. 

Our wellness retreats are centered around practices of the African Diaspora that cultivate inner peace, healing, joy, balance, unity, harmony, and connection.  We provide a safe, trauma informed, non-judgmental, inclusive space  to empower and liberate people through wellness.  

We run a series of retreats in various locations throughout the year and we also offer private retreats.  Private retreats are great for anyone who wants a tailor made retreat for their group or organization. We work with you to create and facilitate an unforgettable event or retreat experience.   

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