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Welcome To Siyanda Wellness

Finding Liberation Through Wellness

Our purpose is to provide quality wellness services that liberate the mind, body and soul of individuals who live and serve in underserved communities. Our holistic healing services are centered around practices of the African Diaspora.  

Sheona Little

Our Story



Siyanda Wellness is a black woman owned health and wellness company that provides more equitable, inclusive and trauma informed healing spaces for people in underserved communities to practice wellness.  Our goal is to empower and liberate people who would not otherwise have access to quality wellness services and to help them sustain their wellness journey.  We are deeply rooted in healing practices centered around the African Diaspora that promote self-care, peace, balance, joy, healing, unity, harmony and connection to community.  Siyanda Wellness was founded by Sheona Little and molded by her amazing team of wellness professionals.  The owners of Siyanda Wellness all started their journey as certified educators working as teachers and administrators for urban school districts located in low socio-economic areas.  They experienced firsthand the trauma and health disparities facing the families, students, school staff, and community members who live and serve in these areas; and wanted to do more to support the overall well-being of these communities.  In 2016, they started a girl’s wellness mentoring program called Siyanda Girls for girls ages 11-18 to learn about leadership, empowerment and purpose using the eight areas of wellness.  Then, in 2017 decided to add on wellness workshops, classes and retreats for adults which became the beginning platform for Siyanda Wellness.  They provide holistic wellness services in yoga, transformational life coaching, meditation, mindful movement, nutritional coaching, herbal therapy, therapeutic massage therapy and drama therapy for community groups, businesses, schools and individuals.  The ladies of Siyanda Wellness believe that all people regardless of their socio-economic status should have access to spaces that support their overall wellness journey.   

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