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Become a Siyanda Girl today!

Siyanda Girls Group is a dynamic organization that serves to educate, mentor, and motivate young minority girls in the areas of leadership, empowerment, and purpose.  By guiding, leading, and preparing young girls of color for a future of greatness.  We use the “Eight dynamic aspects of wellness and self-discovery to grow girls into strong leaders.


There are scheduled “meet up” days, which will be held the first Saturday of every month starting Oct-May.  During each “Meet Up” you will be engaged in programs that teach leadership, entrepreneurship, positive self-image, cultural literacy, college preparation, and career development.


You will also have opportunities to participate in and attend: seminars, college trips, girl empowerment conferences, volunteer work, inspirational and motivational speaker engagements, social action campaigns, camping trips, museum trips, and much more!


You can join this phenomenal group today simply by

  1. clicking the link below,

  2. filling out the registration from 

  3. Then email the completed form to


The registration fee is $15, which includes a T-shirt, this fee may be paid at the first meetup on October 5, 2019.     

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