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Private Yoga Coaching Session


Experience the transformative power of yoga with our Private Yoga Coaching Sessions led by certified instructor Sheona Little. These one-on-one sessions provide specialized attention and are customized to your specific needs to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Benefits of Private Yoga Coaching Sessions:

1. Individualized Attention: In a private session, the yoga instructor can focus solely on the individual, customizing the practice to suit their specific needs, goals, and abilities. This personalized attention ensures that the participant receives guidance that is precisely suited to their body and level of experience.

2. Customized Practice: Private sessions allow for the adaptation of yoga sequences and poses to address specific concerns, injuries, or health conditions. The instructor can modify the practice to accommodate the participant's unique requirements, fostering a safe and effective experience.

3. Deeper Exploration and Understanding: With one-on-one guidance, participants have the opportunity to delve deeper into the principles and philosophy of yoga. Acquire a profound insight into the fundamentals of yoga by exploring them through the perspectives of African and indigenous cultural practices and traditions. Delve into the enriching realms of meditation and breathwork within a secure and non-judgmental environment. The instructor can explain the significance of poses, alignment, and breathing techniques, fostering a richer understanding of the practice.

4. Progress at Individual Pace: Private coaching enables individuals to progress at their own pace. Whether the goal is to develop strength, flexibility, or mindfulness, the instructor can tailor the sessions to support the participant's individual journey, ensuring steady and sustainable progress.

5. Focused Goal Setting: Private sessions provide a platform for setting and achieving specific goals. Whether aiming for physical fitness, stress reduction, or mastering advanced poses, the instructor can work closely with the participant to establish realistic and attainable objectives.

6. Confidence Building: Personalized attention and encouragement in a private setting can help build confidence, especially for individuals who may be new to yoga or feel hesitant in a group setting. This supportive environment allows participants to explore and push their boundaries with a sense of security.

7. Convenience and Flexibility: Private sessions offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. Participants can choose a time that suits their schedule, and sessions can take place in the comfort of their own home or another convenient location.

8. Reduce Stress, anxiety and Promote peace, relaxation, calm: With undivided attention from the instructor, participants can delve into relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices more deeply. This can be particularly beneficial for stress reduction, promoting a sense of calm and overall well-being.

These session are great for anyone no matter your experience or age. Session can also be tailored for small groups of 3-10 people.

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